Phase 1: Development

  • Conduct market research to gather insights about potential audience
  • Assemble a team of writers, artists, and developers
  • Outline the overall story arc and develop character profiles
  • Design and prototype the look and feel of the comic/animated series

Phase 2: Production

  • Create the storyboards and visual assets for the first few episodes
  • Begin animating and developing the interactive elements of the web3 experience
  • Implement feedback from the team and make any necessary adjustments

Phase 3: Launch

  • Finalize all episodes and interactive elements
  • Create marketing and promotional materials
  • Launch “Neil and Naes” on web3 platform
  • Monitor and analyze performance and gather user feedback

Phase 4: NFT release and updates

  • Release the first 20 “Neil and Naes” NFTs on the web3 platform
  • Update the store with 20 new NFTs every Friday
  • Use NFTs as a way to give access to all aspects of the “Neil and Naes” experience, including episodes, interactive elements, and physical merchandise

Phase 5: Physical merchandise

  • Collaborate with writers to create a physical short story featuring “Neil and Naes” characters
  • Work with sculptors and manufacturers to create “Neil and Naes” statues and other merchandise
  • Develop a marketing and distribution strategy for the physical merchandise

Phase 6: Iteration and expansion

  • Use data and feedback from the launch to make any necessary improvements
  • Expand the series with additional episodes and interactive elements
  • Explore opportunities for licensing and partnerships to bring “Neil and Naes” to a wider audience.