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“Neil and Naes”

A Comic/Animated series.

The first comic and animated series that you can own a character and bring them to life.


Purchase character via Rarible.com and join discord where you can name your character and learn how to write them into storyline.

The Storyline

Neil and Naes are on the run. Running from home. A place where they once were able to express themselves creatively and live peacefully. This planet’s name is Pallet.

It all started when a group of individuals known as the “Board,” exiled from their native planet ”     ” landed on Pallet for refuge. The Natives, Palletons, are a very accepting group so of course they took them in, gave them land and whatever they needed to survive.

NFT Info

QTY: There will only be 3,210 native Palleton’s available in our phase 1 release

Blockchain: Ethereum

Cost: Each Palleton will cost 0.2 Eth

Verified Smart Contract Address: 0x24b8E00Fe6233Ab2F82780B568402E064A4AA6d8


Roadmap Prerequisites


A community built comic and animated series. Neil and Naes are in a bind to save their planet Pallet from invaders and need assistance. The community will submit and vote on what happens next with every turning moment of the comic.

Own a part of the Saga by minting a Palleton

Join our Discord and have the Opportunity to write your character into the story.

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Phase 1: Development

  • Conduct market research to gather insights about potential audience
  • Assemble a team of writers, artists, and developers
  • Outline the overall story arc and develop character profiles
  • Design and prototype the look and feel of the comic/animated series

Phase 2: Production

  • Create the storyboards and visual assets for the first few episodes
  • Begin animating and developing the interactive elements of the web3 experience
  • Implement feedback from the team and make any necessary adjustments

Phase 3: Launch

  • Finalize all episodes and interactive elements
  • Create marketing and promotional materials
  • Launch “Neil and Naes” on Marketplace
  • Monitor and analyze performance and gather user feedback

Phase 4: NFT release and updates

  • Release the first 20 “Neil and Naes” NFTs on Marketplace
  • Update the store with 20 new NFTs every Friday
  • Use NFTs as a way to give access to all aspects of the “Neil and Naes” experience, including episodes, interactive elements, and physical merchandise

Phase 5: Physical merchandise

  • Collaborate with writers to create a physical short story featuring “Neil and Naes” characters
  • Work with 3D Developer @Assetjone and manufacturers to create “Neil and Naes” statues and other merchandise
  • Develop a marketing and distribution strategy for the physical merchandise

Phase 6: Iteration and expansion

  • Use data and feedback from the launch to make any necessary improvements
  • Expand the series with additional episodes and interactive elements
  • Explore opportunities for licensing and partnerships to bring “Neil and Naes” to a wider audience.

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